About Zakibox

ZakiBox Strong, Lightweight, Smart

Our company has designed roomy storage boxes and organizers that can be used to hold a wide variety of items. We made it out of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), a material that resists corrosion and is used in the automotive, marine, construction, and aerospace industries.

FRP—Strong and Durable

Pound for pound, this material is more durable than steel and weighs up to 75% less on average. FRP offers the strength of steel at 1/4 of the weight, making it ideal to store light and heavy products.

Why Choose Our Products

Our ZakiBoxes offer long-lasting durability because these boxes can be sealed, keeping out dust and liquid. These containers have interlocking pieces, allowing them to fit in different rooms that need extra storage. Additionally, all of our products have a transparent front, allowing customers to easily see what’s inside.

Connect With Us

For more details about the ZakiBox, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.