On-The-Go and Organizer/Storage Solutions For All!

How It All Began

The story of ZakiBox began in 2015, when Sam’s daughter and her family moved all of their belongings to his garage, using it as a storage facility. There were boxes filling up the space, from wall to wall, and stacked from floor to ceiling. One day, his son-in-law came to his garage looking for something important, and ended up discovering that it was inside a box all the way at the bottom of a huge stack of heavy boxes. This was the moment ZakiBox began.

Clearly, this was a big storage design problem, and as an engineer, Sam was determined to think up the solution. He thought to himself, “What if I can design a box that will be transparent and accessible in the front, but can securely stack on top of each other as well? This would solve this issue that surely many people face!” As the idea developed, Sam thought of a way to snap them together both vertically and horizontally, then thought about adding wheels and a trolley to make it portable, and the ideas kept on coming.

Sam started pitching the idea to friends and family, and got great feedback! Everyone he spoke to thought about ways they could use a version of ZakiBox. That did it. Sam decided that he would turn this idea into a reality. He used his aerospace engineering background to make ZakiBox strong, durable and waterproof, yet lightweight and collapsible to a very small size. He worked tirelessly, and by April of 2018, he had a working prototype!