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The Story of an Innovative Business Owner and His Company

About the Founder

Sam Zaki Morcos was born in Cairo, Egypt where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to study in Denmark, where he received his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and learned to fluently speak and study in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.

Career Highlights

In 1975, Sam immigrated to the United States. He began working in the aerospace industry for Boeing as a manager in the Space and Communications Department. When he worked for Boeing, Sam held top secret security clearance. He also played an instrumental role in designing both the Space Shuttles Colombia and Discovery. He has also done extensive work on various civilian and military satellite programs. Sam proudly became a U.S. Citizen in 1979.

How It All Began for Our Company

The story of ZakiBox began in 2015, when Sam’s daughter and her family moved all of their belongings to his garage, using it as a storage facility. There were boxes filling up the space from wall to wall, and stacked from floor to ceiling. One day, Sam’s son-in-law came to his garage looking for something important. He ended up finding it inside a container at the bottom of a huge pile of heavy boxes. This was the moment Sam had an idea.

Designing the Prototype

Clearly, this was a big storage design problem. As an engineer, Sam was determined to think of a solution. He thought to himself, “What if I can design a box that will be transparent and accessible in the front, but can securely stack on top of each other as well? This would solve this issue that surely many people face!” As the idea developed, Sam thought of a way to snap the boxes together both vertically and horizontally, then thought about adding wheels and a trolley to make it portable, and the ideas kept on coming.

Creating the ZakiBox Prototype

When Sam pitched the idea to friends and family, he got great feedback! Everyone he spoke to thought about the ways they could use a version of the ZakiBox. That did it—Sam decided he would turn this idea into a reality. He used his aerospace engineering background to make our product:





Collapsible to a Very Small Size

Sam worked tirelessly, and by April of 2018, he had a working ZakiBox sample.


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